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    The Inspiration of the Bible

    • Part 1 of 5: This topic presents an overview of evidences that show beyond doubt that the Bible is truly the inspired Word of God, including: Internal Consistency, History, Archaeology, Science, and Prophecy.

    • Part 2 of 5: Continue Introduction: Historical Context of Development of the Bible

    • Part 3 of 5: Internal Consistency and Historical Accuracy of the Bible

    • Part 4 of 5: Prophetic Accuracy of the Bible

    • Part 5 of 5: Scientific Accuracy of the Bible

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    Genesis Flood: This Changes Everything

    • Part 1 of 4: Context & Significance

    • Part 2 of 4: The Big Picture

    • Part 3 of 4: Scientific Evidence (Part A)

    • Part 4 of 4: Scientific Evidence (Part B)

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    Genesis & the Authority of Scripture

    • Part 1 of 1:This talk gives an overview of the creation vs. evolution controversy and demonstrates there is never any conflict between the Bible and science… just between the Bible and some scientist’s opinions.

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    Surprise ... the Bible Explains That!

    • Part 1 of 1: Often secular scientists discover things that are confusing to them and hard to make sense of, particularly given their naturalistic worldview. However, the Bible explains very well what was so perplexing to the secularist.

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    Dinosaurs & the Bible

    • Part 1 of 3: Intro, the word "dinosaur" & meat-eating

    • Part 2 of 3: Age of dinos, connection to oil and living with man

    • Part 3 of 3: Cloning, extinction and much, much more!

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    Faith is Not a Four-letter Word

    • Part 1 of 1: This presentation powerfully equips Christians to share and defend their faith without having to memorize lots of facts or have degrees in science, or Greek & Hebrew. It is very encouraging, eye-opening and easy for all to understand.

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    Evolution: Probable or Problematic?

    • Part 1 of 2: How evolution is supposed to work

    • Part 2 of 2: Why molecules-to-man evolution is not possible

  • 8

    Creation to Christ: The Old Testament in a Nutshell

    • Part 1 of 2: Creation to Abraham (~2000 BC)

    • Part 2 of 2: Abraham to Christ

  • 9

    Creation vs. Evolution: The Case from Science

    • Part 1 of 1: This talk is an exciting presentation (in layman's terms) of evidences for creation and challenges to evolution in four main areas: Origin of the Universe - Origin of Life - Origin of Species - Origin of Man.

  • 10

    Top 10 Questions: On Creation & Evolution

    • Part 1 of 1: This talk addresses 10 of the most commonly asked questions about creation, evolution and the Bible, such as: If God created the universe, who created God? - Where did all the water go after the flood? - What exactly is Carbon-14 dating? - an

  • 11

    Creation in Six Days: A Biblical & Scientific Analysis

    • Part 1 of 1: In this talk, both Scripture and science are examined and reasons for why we can confidently trust the straight-forward reading of Genesis are presented in a very gracious and encouraging manner.

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