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    The Genesis Flood

    • Part 1 of 4: Context & Significance

    • Part 2 of 4: The Big Picture

    • Part 3 of 4: Scientific Evidence (Part A)

    • Part 4 of 4: Scientific Evidence (Part B)

About The Genesis Flood

Certain things, if true, are real “game-changers”. The Genesis flood is just one of those events. This talk covers the reality of this event both biblically and scientifically, showing how this truly changes everything. If the vast majority of Earth's geologic features, including the geologic column, are the result of a catastrophic, worldwide flood and not slow, gradual forces acting over eons of time, then what we've been taught all our lives is in gross error, including the theory of evolution! More than just an interesting story from the Old Testament, the Genesis flood is an amazing testimony of God’s judgement and the accuracy and trustworthiness of His inspired Word.